Our Clients

Our clients represent a variety of businesses. We help them build and update websites, strategize and manage their social media presence, and with many other online/tech-related projets. Take a look at our web portfolio to see examples of our work.  Then contact us so we can help you get started.


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Client Testimonials

Dr. Lin Carson

Founder / BAKERpedia

I enjoy working with you, and how detailed your invoice is (keeps me on my toes). I find you honest, helpful and taking our interest to heart. This is very hard to find in a contractor in your position. I've met too many that have flaked on me and have not taken my business seriously.

Diane DiResta

Owner & President / DiResta Communications, Inc.

Kelly is a gift from God. She helped my business grow. With her high integrity and time management, Kelly was able to assist me with the right attention to detail and excellent results. There isn’t anything she can’t figure out.

Loli Wescott

Logistics Coordinator / Law Firm

In my 20 year’s experience in IT, I have never worked with someone so equally graced with exceptional technical skill, analytic expertise, and superior interpersonal aptitude. Kelly Janes is a warm, engaging person who’s always passionate about her work, and performs under demanding personal standards.

Eric Francis

Investigative Reporter-Astrologer / Planet Waves, Pacifica Network

Planet Waves FM works very nicely…the site is thriving…

Virginia Madden

Founder / Comfortable Structure

Thanks so much for your great presentation. I appreciate your easy to implement advice and the way you spoke. Your information was really accessible and I didn’t feel like I had to be a techie to implement it. Also, I love your tagline…translating geek to English. I think that’s great and it really speaks to me.