ADA Website Compliance – Avoid a Lawsuit

ADA Website Compliance – Avoid a Lawsuit

Disability SymbolsThe American with Disabilities Act was enacted in 1990 to provide fair access to businesses for folks with disabilities. At the time, the law applied to physical brick and mortar locations for businesses that provide goods or services to the public. Now the law is being applied – via lawsuits – to online businesses. Last year, over 1,000 ADA compliance lawsuits were filed in the state of New York alone.

“…given the prevalence of the WCAG guidelines as the standard for measuring accessibility, you should work with your web developer and review WCAG 2.0 for guidance on making your website as compliant with those guidelines as possible.”

Is your website compliant?

We’ll provide you with a report of what, if anything, must be done to meet compliance guidelines. There is no obligation to hire Owl’s Head to do the work, but if you do we’ll credit your assessment fee toward your compliance cost.

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