You love what you do.

We want others to love it, too.

With more than 50 years of combined technical and creative experience, Owl’s Head partners with emerging organizations and established brands to take their online presence to the next level. We design, build, and maintain responsive WordPress websites for small businesses, non-profits, and creative professionals.

A Web Team You Can Trust

At Owl’s Head, we value our clients’ trust. We know how to explain what we do in clear and uncomplicated terms, and work with you every step of the way to ensure your success in the online marketplace.

Kelly Janes, Founder & CEO


Owl’s Head Business Services Founder and CEO, Kelly Janes, has a 20(+) year history working in the IT space. From Help Desk Analyst to CEO, Kelly has worked in corporate, educational, creative, and small business environments in positions that include: Online Specialist, Project Manager, Computer Trainer, Desktop Analyst, and Budget Supervisor. She has focused her career on delivering innovative, smart and creative solutions for her clients. After 10 years living in New York City, she currently resides in Portland, OR with her family and dog, Annabelle.


Andrew Zaeh, Creative Director

Before joining Owl’s Head as Creative Director, Andrew helmed the visual branding for artists including Jay-Z, Bruno Mars, Janelle Monáe, Shawn Mendes and Nick Jonas. Andrew is also an accomplished photographer and VMA-nominated director who has had the pleasure of lensing campaigns for American Express, AT&T, Revlon, Johnson & Johnson, WW and Pfizer and has directed music videos featuring Fall Out Boy, Elton John & Courtney Love. A proud member the LGBTQIA community, Andrew is happiest forging great relationships with his clients and brands while creating authentic imagery and a streamlined user experience in the process. Andrew splits his time between Brooklyn and the Jersey Shore with his husband and cockatiel named Goose.

Chris Collins, Lead Developer

Building his own computers from well before he could drive, Chris has always had a strong interest and passion for IT. Discovering the flexibility and power of web development in 2010, Chris’s career path inevitably brought him to the world of WordPress, where he has been helping people bring ideas and dreams into the real world ever since. Earlier in his career, Chris held the position of country manager for a muli-national logistics company in Taiwan, allowing him to become fluent in not only PHP and Javascript, but also Mandarin Chinese. His experience in the complex and ever-changing world of international logistics helped him build strong processes as a developer, and dedication to keeping things organized, on track, and moving projects forward towards success. He is currently based in Portland, Oregon, with his wife Anita and their Miniature Schnauzer, Onion.


Amy Hwang
Jr. Developer

Being exposed to the internet relatively early compared to her peers, Amy Hwang grew up appreciating websites that are both well functioning and aesthetically pleasing. Ever since smartphones became a big part of people’s daily lives, Amy has been fascinated especially with progressive and edgy E-Commerce sites with good mobile responsive designs. With this fascination, Amy decided to design and create websites with great UX herself. She studied programming and web designing at Epicodus and has been working with multiple digital agencies since then.

Amy was initially a music teacher at elementary schools in NYC. She has always been passionate about hands-on projects and communicating through various forms of art, whether that is creating music, crafting, or building websites.


Leah Marie Lundrigan
Client Services Manager and Gal Friday

Leah Lundrigan handles all project timelines, client management, administration, and Kelly Janes. Her background includes: recruiting, outdoor advertising, publishing, insurance and client services. From staffing multi-million dollar companies, to organizing national ad campaigns, Ms. Lundrigan has done it all and continues to find creative solutions for budget conscious business owners.

Leah Lundrigan resides in Brooklyn, NY with her family.