Owl’s Head Business Services

Owl’s Head Business Services is headquartered in Portland, OR. With more than 20 years of experience in technology, we offer the skills and expertise to help your business build and maintain its online presence. We strive to help our clients understand the tools of the trade and we work with them every step of the way to ensure their success.

In addition to our extensive technical knowledge, we also know how to explain what we do in plain English. We provide both on-site and virtual services.


Our Mission

Owl’s Head Business Services designs, builds, and services responsive WordPress websites for small businesses, non-profits, and creative professionals. We get our customers excellent online results through social media, advertising, eLearning and eCommerce offerings. Our people are encouraged and supported to participate in continuing education and conferences. Owl’s Head values our clients’ trust and success in the online marketplace.


We're Headquartered in the Pacific Northwest



kj headshot 3Kelly Janes started her career as a Help Desk Analyst for a large San Francisco-based law firm and has extensive experience in Information Technology. Her well-rounded background includes the following job titles: Online Specialist, Project Manager, Computer Trainer, Desktop Analyst, and Budget Supervisor.

Ms. Janes has worked in corporate, educational, creative, and small business environments. She has focused her career on delivering innovative, smart and creative solutions for her clients.

After 10 years living in New York City, she currently resides in Portland, OR with her family. Ms. Janes speaks “Geek” and English fluently and is an expert translator between the two.



Jasmine Humbert
Jr. Developer

Jasmine Humbert first discovered the power of programming by trying to automate math homework with a graphing calculator in high school. She then moved on to programming robots and microcontrollers at Western Washington University before discovering Python and web app development. Unable to make pretty websites with only backend knowledge, she learned Bootstrap, and then finally took a dive into CSS.

In addition to several programming languages, she speaks pretty good Spanish and is a bi-native speaker of English and French. Raised in the South Pacific, Jasmine now lives in Portland Oregon where in her free time, she volunteers her technical skills to nonprofits and activist organizations.

Owl's Head was founded in Brooklyn


Leah Marie Lundrigan
Client Services Manager and Gal Friday

Leah Lundrigan handles all project timelines, client management, administration, and Kelly Janes. Her background includes: recruiting, outdoor advertising, publishing, insurance and client services. From staffing multi-million dollar companies, to organizing national ad campaigns, Ms. Lundrigan has done it all and continues to find creative solutions for budget conscious business owners.

Leah Lundrigan resides in Brooklyn, NY with her family.