Our Team

About Our Team

Kelly Janes, CEO and Chief Creative Officer

Passionate about The Digital Age, Kelly Janes has extensive experience in Information Technology. She started her career as a Help Desk Analyst for a large San Francisco-based law firm. Her well-rounded background includes work as an Online Specialist, Project Manager, Computer Trainer, Desktop Analyst & Budget Supervisor. She has focused her career on delivering innovative, smart and creative solutions for her clients. Ms. Janes has worked in corporate, educational, creative, and small business environments. She speaks “Geek” and English fluently and is an expert translator between the two.

Leah Marie Lundrigan, Client Services Manager

Leah Lundrigan handles all project timelines, client management, administration, and Kelly Janes. Her background includes: recruiting, outdoor advertising, publishing, insurance and client services. From staffing multi-million dollar companies, to organizing national ad campaigns, Ms. Lundrigan has done it all and continues to find creative solutions for budget conscious business owners.